Why a fashion designer and an automotive engineer teamed up and took the afternoon off to watch the sunset.

Lyndel and Daniel met 13 years ago as neighbours and have since been inseparable. An impromptu 'round the world' trip opened their eyes to the beauty of the world. Although still passionate about high fashion and automotive engineering, deep down they knew they were happiest exploring the outdoors surrounded by people.

Upon returning to Australia, they quit their careers and decided to follow their hearts. Through their photography, they now strive for environmentally sustainable business with the added bonus of being able to spend their sunsets together, pursuing their love affair with nature and people. For them, photography is the best of both worlds. 

The love & respect within their relationship inspires the way they cast and shoot their talent. They explore the world together seeking the beauty of the late afternoon light and the way it brings out a natural feeling of well being in the people they photograph.

With a loyal client list and over 11 international magazine covers and editorial spreads, Lyndel & Daniel manage to capture every beautiful detail in the most romantic light.

Their personal project ‘reve de jour’ (launching soon) explores the energy people experience when connecting with nature.